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FindLaw ADR Summaries - April 01-April 07, 2011

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April 01-07, 2011 Weekly ADR Newsletter
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ADR Cases

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ADR Cases

Court of Appeals of New York, 04/05/2011
In the Matter of Ridge Road Fire District, No. 55
In an appeal arising from an Article 78 challenge to a claim of benefits under General Municipal Law section 207(a) by Appellant, decision by Respondent-hearing officer vacating a denial of benefits is reversed because decision was arbitrary and capricious where initial denial of benefits was based on substantial evidence. Read more...





FindLaw includes summaries of all Supreme and Appellate Court slip opinions posted on the official Illinois Courts site. FindLaw summaries include opinions that have not yet been released for publication and may be subject to modification, correction or withdrawal. Check the Illinois Courts site to determine if a specific opinion has been released before relying on that case as precedent.

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